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Increasing vehicle logbook services

• Picton Tyre and Mechanical

Picton Tyre and Mechanical is an up-to-date, progressive vehicle maintenance and tyre business with the capacity to handle more business. They wish to educate new car owners that they can perform logbook services on new cars without voiding their new car warranty.

The Daleys are business professionals who have run a successful vehicle service centre in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales for about 30 years. Their business provides two main services; vehicle maintenance and new tyre sales. Tyres sales are the sort of service that looks after itself because everyone eventually needs new tyres, and you would think the same with servicing and maintaining cars. But you would be wrong.

The Daleys are fully aware of a recent survey that revealed that more than 60% of new car owners believe they must service the cars at the dealership or void their warranty.

This isn’t the case, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has made it quite clear that businesses, like the Daleys, who meet all the accredited requirements can perform log book servicing on new cars without voiding the new car warranty.

Information Campaign

The Daleys approached Imageworx for assistance to increase vehicle service numbers.

While Picton Tyre and Mechanical already had an internet presence there was no “call to action” information and the chance an owner of a new car would happen upon the website before booking their car into a dealership was remote.

What did we do?

We created a service specific information flyer targeting new car owners in the local area. This brochure highlighted three main issues that were a problem for new car locals.

  1. Having to travel to the dealership

  2. Having to wait for their vehicle

  3. Alleviating any worry about warranty issues

The brochure educated locals with new cars to the benefits of servicing their vehicle locally with Picton Tyre and Mechanical and because internet searches on mobile phones are more popular now the website was updated with the same “call to action” information with a new phone friendly format.

brochure image for picton tyresResults

The Daleys are happy to have seen an increase in service appointments with each distribution of the brochure as well as online bookings via the website.

Is it time you updated your business image?

image comparison 01 image comparison 2

Before and after example of the business profile.


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